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Tibetan Singing Bowls Meditation

Sunday, March 5th, 2017
3:00 pm – 4:30 pm

Harmony Community Wellness Center

280 East Third Avenue, Escondido 92025
(at the corner of Juniper Street – entrance is on Juniper)


Join us for a deeply relaxing afternoon of Sacred Sound with hand-crafted, traditional seven-metal Tibetan Singing bowls.

These ancient instruments produce tones of breath-taking beauty and harmonic complexity, creating an unforgettable experience of deep relaxation and expanded consciousness.

Space is very limited.  Please call Harmony Community Wellness Center at (760) 294-1356) to make a reservation.  Prepayment is required.

Please arrive a little early so you can settle in.  The doors will be closed once the meditation begins to avoid disturbing others.

The healing qualities of sound are widely known to reduce stress, alter consciousness, and create a profound sense of peace and well-being.  People often notice lasting feelings of calmness, joy and compassion.

The singing bowls are ancient instruments that originated in the pre-Buddhist shamanic Bon culture of the Himalayas and were later incorporated into esoteric Tibetan Buddhist healing practices. These sacred instruments were mindfully created to produce complex harmonics that have a deeply soothing effect on the listener, stopping internal dialog, awakening cellular memory and healing the energy body as brain waves slow and balance in response to their tones.

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