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Susan Murray, HHP, Certified Sacred Sound Practitioner

Susan has been a musician all her life, working very consciously with sound. She was first introduced to the Tibetan singing bowls in 2004 and soon afterward began collecting antique bowls and studying sound healing techniques and traditional uses of these amazing instruments from the Tibetan Buddhist tradition. The authentic old Tibetan instruments, made in prayer with sacred intent, have an extraordinary and transformative effect on body, mind and spirit.

Susan has been fortunate to study with two of the leading teachers of this ancient modality, Richard Rudis and Diane Mandle, completing a course of advanced training at the Tibetan Bowl Sound Healing School in Encinitas, CA.  She now teaches the Introductory workshops there.

Although Susan has extensive training in and practices other energy healing techniques, this modality is closest to her heart.


I highly recommend Susan Murray’s Tibetan Bowl Therapy! I don’t have to tell her anything, and she knows exactly how to tune my body with the ethereal. Every treatment leaves me relaxed and feeling ready to meet my next challenge. Can you say “Harmonic Bliss?” That is what this experience is time after time… each to a new tune.   – KH

 The opportunity to have such an attuned musician guide me into the depths of vibrational healing is very special. Susan is a master and her instruments are perfect.   – LK

After experiencing both group and individual sessions with Susan I can attest to the strong healing energy carried by the bowl’s vibrations.  At group events the benefit is enhanced by the collective, while at individual session Susan’s skillful facilitation of intention setting and the close proximity of the bowls themselves yield an incredibly rich experience.  I leave the sessions relaxed yet alert, usually with insights as to how best navigate the life before me.   – LW

After experiencing the Tibetan (singing) bowls in a group setting I got a CD of the sounds to listen at home. Since having two private sessions with Susan and much closer contact with the bowls, I was deeply impressed. Being surrounded and gently touched by the bowls sends such soothing vibrations throughout the body. I want to find that peaceful place again!  – JB

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